awesome pictures cuz
Hi Matt,
Loving your work. Keep it up!

I had the time of my life last weekend at the Winfield Dam and then our trip to Clarksville.
It was an honor to get to shoot with you, & thank you for your kindness letting me use your extra Lens!! You never cease to amaze me with your gorgeous photography!! Like I said the first time I visited this site......"I Wanna Be Just Like You When I Grow Up" Happy Shooting Matt!!!
Steve Slater(non-registered)
We met shooting Swans on Dec 10th. I really enjoyed talking and photographing the swans. You have some amazing photos. For a second year self taught photographer I look at people like you and realize how much I still need to learn.
David Smith(non-registered)
We met at the Circle B Bar Reserve and you were telling me about the Osprey and the Pufferc Fish and you were right, it is an awesome series.
Maybe next fall you can come the Jasper-Pulaski Wildlife Refuge in NW Indiana and shoot the Sandhill Cranes.
Tracy Dreisewerd(non-registered)
Hello Matt
I just want to say WOW.. you amaze me always!!! I am absolutely in love with your brand new photos of the Osprey and Puffer fish. There are so many new photos you have added that I'm just in amazement. Kudos to you and your fantastic talent. Please keep them coming.. and I can't wait to see the rest from your recent adventures...
Nancy Lister(non-registered)
HI Matt
I met you today 10/22 at Illinois bird sanctuary. I loved talking with with you. Your photos are fantastic. I can see the love you have for wildlife in your photos.
Sandy Richards(non-registered)
Matt - Glad you are more active on NPN again!
You have many wonderful , creative images on this site - and you have a keen eye for visualizing possibilities and the talent to tweak them to perfection.
Really looking forward to more of your images!
Linda Rosland(non-registered)
Hello Matt, I love your photos. I enjoyed very much browsing through all the beautiful birds and wildlife. It was nice meeting you today and hope to run into you again some day.

Linda Rosland
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